RVS SmolYeet35 V2 Frame Kit

(You save $2.00 )

RVS SmolYeet35 V2 - 3.5" Freestyle Frame

We recommend adding either the Rotor Village Micro Lipo Strap w/ Metal Buckle (2pcs) or the Rotor Village Mini Lipo Strap as they are not in the kit. The price has been lowered to offset getting the strap that;s perfect for you. :)

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The YeetMule's baby brother, the SmolYeet. Enjoy HD epicness, with zero props in view while easily staying under that magical 250g mark! 
The frame is designed to be highly versatile for various building techniques and component options.  


  • Please pay attention to the recommended part weights shown below!
  • For GoPro Mounts all Yeet Frame mounts are compatible. If running HD, ONLY use a naked style camera that is LIGHT! This is not intended to carry a full GoPro or similar. 
  • Changelog (7/21/2022): One slot has been removed on the motor mount pattern. This significantly increases the arm durability. 

V2 Updates

  • Individual arms (stiffer, stronger and easier to replace)
  • Includes a spare arm 
  • Changed to Wide X from Deadcat, but props are still out of view :) 
  • Includes both 15mm & 20mm standoff options
  • Mainplate thickness increased to 2mm
  • ExpressLRS mounting option added to the antenna mount (HM EP1)


  • RVS Honeymoon Warranty (see details below)
  • Sub 250g Capable with the Caddx Vista & analog setups
  • DJI O3 compatible (see details below)
  • Includes a spare arm
  • Motor Mounting Screws Included (16pcs)
  • Compatible with Caddx Vista and analog FPV 
  • Dual Stack setup
    • Front: 25.5x25.5mm in both orientations & 20x20mm
    • Rear: 25.5x25.5mm & 20x20mm
    • Alternatively, you can have a single 20x20 stack in the middle.
  • No props in view
  • Top mount battery
  • Micro FPV & DJI HD Camera ready
  • Naked GoPro or Insta360 SMO ready (with optional TPU mount)
  • TBS Immortal T & ExpressLRS ready


  • Wheelbase: Wide X for 3.5" Props
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness:
    • Base: 1.5mm
    • Mid-plate: 2mm
    • Top-plate: 1.5mm
    • Arms: 3mm
  • Weight: 51g (This includes ALL TPU, metal hardware and all optional build parts. You can shave down this number with ease!)
  • Prop size: 3-3.5"
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 9x9mm & 12x12mm Slotted M2


  • Motors: 12xx-18xx (MAX motor weight should be under 13g)
    • Find a great motor choice by looking at column M on this document
  • Camera: Micro size or DJI HD FPV Camera (Adapter needed for nano)
  • Props: 3.5"
  • Battery size (MAX 100g battery weight, I'd recommend something around 60-70g depending on motor size)
    • 4S: 500-850mAh
    • 6S: 380mAh-530mAh
  • Almost any AIO will work fine, rated for 20A and up. 
  • ***AUW including battery should be under about 220g. Extra weight can be shed by using 15mm standoffs if your setup allows, plus titanium or aluminum screws. Ideal AUW is between 200-215g.


More info and a great little community over at the RVS Owners Group Facebook page -

Want to add prop guards?

These 3" prop guards will fit if using motors with a 9*9mm pattern. 


  • 1 x RVS SmolYeet frame kit w/ hardware
  • 16 x Motor Mount Screws
  • 2 x TPU Camera Mounts
  • 2 x TPU Immortal T Mounts
  • 1 x TPU SMA Antenna Mount with ExpressLRS mounting integrated
  • 1 x Spare arm

RVS Honeymoon Warranty

Break any part of the frame (carbon fibre and hardware) within the first month of purchase and it's covered on us! Just send us a picture of the broken part, along with your order number. Replacement parts can be added to future orders for free, or you can pay for shipping ($3 for snailmail).

15.00 (cm)
10.00 (cm)
2.00 (cm)