After 6+ years of designing frames, I decided to focus on a specific use case for my own flying. 

Introducing the MOPAX!

MOPAX aka More Packs was designed with the sole purpose of being able to FLY MORE... hence the name. 
I tend to crash (A LOT!) and also seem to be allergic to PIDs tuning. My design goals were to maximize durability and have fantastic flight performance on a default tune. 

After nearly a full year of flying, crashing and iterations, I am in love with the result.

Durability was approached firstly by prioritizing it over weight. Often, frames are made to be as light as possible and as a result fly great but lack longevity. A light frame isn't a bad thing (obviously), however, those who want a durable frame greatly outnumber those who prioritize weight. That said, I made sure to add the weight where it counts, not needlessly make all the carbon excessively thick. What it boils down to is a 5% increase in weight with a 50% increase in durability and the same great flight time!

Next was the ability to skip the tuning process and still have an amazing flying frame. 2 years ago I designed a truss armed frame that never saw the light of day. So I took what I learnt there and made some changes. Ultimately, this arm design helps for both durability and minimizing resonance. On top of that, there's a chunky spine that stiffens up the midplate A LOT. That spine finishes off any low frequency vibes.

I promise, if you have quality electronics and half decent props, this will fly beautifully, crash after crash and flight after flight! - Eric



  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! *details below*
  • No tuning required
  • S-tier Durability
  • Compatible with your FPV system
  • Free STLs

Comparing Versions



  • Wheelbase: Wide X for 5" Props
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness:
    • Bottom-plate: 2mm
    • Mid-plate: 2.5mm
    • Top-plate: 2.5mm
    • Arms: 6mm
    • Camera cage: 2.5mm + 2mm
  • Weight: 149g (This includes the entire base TPU kit and metal hardware.)
  • Prop size: 5-5.5"
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 16x16 M3



  • Motors: Any standard 5" freestyle (2207, 2306, 2208, 2406, 2506 etc)
  • Camera: 19-20mm Camera widths
  • Props: 5" to 5.5"
  • Battery size
    • 6S: 1050mAh-1400mAh
  • Electronics:
    • Both 20x20 & 30.5x30.5 formats work well
    • Recommend F7/H7 & 50-60A ESC 


More info and a great little community over at the RVS Owners Group Facebook page -



  • 1 x Frame Kit with hardware
  • 1 x TPU Kit (SMA, Top plate wire protector, Camera mount & bottom skids)
  • 2 x Kevlar Straps
  • With Plus & MAX versions
    • 4 x Arm Guards
    • 4 x Motor Wire Savers with Zip Ties
    • 2 x Camera Cage Bumpers
  • With MAX version
    • GoPro Mount of choice
      • GoPro Session, Hero7/8/9/10/11/11Mini, DJI Action 2
      • Available in any colour
      • Available at any angle 0-45° or as an adjustable angle mount
    • For custom logo's, you'll need to supply a DXF or compatible vector based file.



30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you can buy the MOPAX with 100% confidence. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your frame within the first 30 days of delivery, simply make a ticket by clicking the lightbulb icon in the bottom left of the page, include your order number and the reason for your return. Once received, you will be provided with return shipping instructions. Please note that the buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.


23.00 (cm)
15.00 (cm)
2.00 (cm)