Getting started with FPV Drones on a BUDGET

Getting started with FPV Drones on a BUDGET

Posted by Eric on 2022 Nov 1st

So FPV has comes across your eyes and your you got insta-hooked... Join the club!

FPV has got to be one of the most immersive and enjoyable hobbies out there! You get the thrill of dancing through the trees, the rush of winning a race and the satisfaction of seeing something you built in the air for the first time. Who wouldn't love that!?

FPV is life. But getting started can feel daunting. There's a ton of terms to learn, parts to match and a long list of skills to acquire (don't worry, the journey is a blast). So how do you get the ball rolling? Well, you can easily spend $1500 and up to get the best of everything (something most do once they all get hooked). But what if your pockets aren't quite that deep yet? Well, you can still enjoy all the thrills of FPV on a smaller budget! Here's how...

First you need a drone. Remember, we're on a budget here! Something safe and cheap that still has amazing flight performance is the HappyModel 1S Mobula7 (ExpressLRS version). It's tiny, and yet is fast and light, plus it won't damage nearby objects when you inevitably crash. It's perfect! Add to cart!

Next you need something to power this little drone. Luckily, little drone means little battery, aka cheap! The Mobula7 uses 1S LiPo batteries ranging from 450mAh to 530mAh (consider mAh like the size of a gas tank). PS, make sure to get one with a PH2.0 connector! The ideal lipo, GNB 530mAh 1SGNB 450mAh 1S or Tattu 500mAh 1S. Add to cart!

Now that you have batteries, you need a way to charge them. Since these are little 1S batteries, chargers are small, cheap and simple. For the absolute cheapest option, there's the iFlight 1S PH2.0 charger that simply uses USB Type-C. If you want something that can charge multiple batteries at a time and is a bit nicer while staying on budget, there's the BetaFPV 6 Port 1S charger. Add to cart!

So we have a drone, batteries and a charger. Now we need to control this silly thing in the air. There's many different wireless protocols used for FPV. The absolute king when it comes to budget and performance (shockingly) is ExpressLRS. Controllers can be referred to as radios, transmitters or simply a TX. The best bang for buck TX is the BetaFPV Lite - ExpressLRS version (NOT FrSky!) If you can possibly spend an extra $100ish dollars, I'd highly recommend upgrading to the RadioMaster Zorro ExpressLRS version (NOT 4in1). The Zorro will not need to be upgraded once you get addicted and want 20 different drones. :P
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