Walksnail Avatar HD FPV Goggles X


Walksnail Avatar HD FPV Goggles X

Discover and re-discover the Avatar HD system with the Avatar HD FPV Goggles X.

Since the Walksnail Avatar Birth, Walksnail has constantly collected market feedback and suggestions. In the new generation of research and development, we fully consider each function for customers, like HDMI input and CVBS input (AV IN interface).

Meanwhile, we have also optimized a wider pupil adjustment range and improved optical clarity suitable for different people's face shapes, and Walksnail is committed to developing an app that supports wireless firmware updates, FC adjustment, and social media sharing without cumbersome computer operations.

To reduce the user's cost of the HD system, we designed the upper part of the goggles to be removable to ensure the receiving module can be replaced so that you can maintain the latest without replacing the goggles every year.

The Avatar HD system utilizes industry-leading H.265 encoding technology to provide 1080p/100FPS FPV video quality with low latency, providing an immersive and responsive experience.

The goggles have an AV IN interface and support analog signals, supporting a versatile solution for FPV pilots.

The HDMI input expands the range of devices used with the goggles, providing more flexibility and convenience. The HDMI OUT interface can be connected to other display devices to share your real-time flight footage with pilots.

The front cover of the goggles can be removed and replaced with a new antenna, replacing the two antennas located under the goggles, which provides pilots with more options to optimize their FPV experience.
The cover above the goggles can be opened to easily replace new receiver modules, providing pilots a cost-effective way to upgrade their goggles. Meanwhile, we are developing the next-generation receiving module, which can achieve a breakthrough in flight distance, expected to reach 20 kilometers, and create a sustainable development strategy.

The front cover of the goggles adds a light function and a touch of style to your gear.

100% optical improvement, experience a clearer picture. 

Adjustable from +2.0 to -6.0 via diopter knob to personalize the viewing experience and quickly go glasses-free.
The goggles use infrared sensing technology to provide pilots a convenient and energy-efficient way to turn the screen on and off without manually pressing any buttons. This feature helps to extend the life of the screen. 

The front cover of the goggles can be DIY, allowing pilots to use their imagination to customize exciting looks for the goggles.

Lenses for astigmatism, myopia, and blue light-blocking glasses can be replaced to meet different vision needs.



  • Communication Frequency : 5.725-5.850GHz
  • Transmitter Power(EIRP) : FCC:<30dBm; CE:<14dBm; SRRC:<20dBm; MIC:<25dBm
  • I/O Interface : HDMI Out, HDMI Input, 5Pin 3.5mm Audio Port, DC5.5*2.1mm Port, Micro SD Card Slot 
  • Transmission Resolution : 1080p 100fps, 1080p 60fps, 720p 100fps, 720p 60fps
  • Code Rate : Max 50 Mbps
  • Min. Latency : Average 22ms
  • Average Gain : 2dBi
  • Polarization : LHCP
  • Transmission Distance : >4km
  • Channel : 8
  • Screen Resolution : 1920*1080/100Hz
  • Screen Material : OLED
  • IPD Mechanical Range : 54mm-74mm
  • Adjustable Focus Range :+2.0 to-6.0 Diopter
  • FOV : 50°
  • Power Input : 7-26V(2S-6S)
  • SD card : Support 256G
  • System : Avatar HD system
  • Foam material : PU
  • Built-in WIFI : Yes
  • Built-in Gyro : Yes
  • Built-in Bluetooth : Yes


  • Weight 290g
  • +2 to-6 diopter
  • FOV 50°
  • Lenses can be replaced
  • 7-26V
  • 1PD54~74mm
  • Front cover DIY
  • Infrared Sensing
  • 1080P/100FPS
  • Sharing mode
  • HDMI input
  • Replace VRX
  • HDMI output
  • Built-in Gyro (in development)
  • AV in
  • Built-in Bluetooth Wi-Fi module (in development)
  • Removable upper bay to be able to change boards in the future 

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Package Contents

  • 1x Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles X
  • 1x Foam (PU)
  • 1x Lens cleaning cloth
  • 1x XT60 to DC 5.5*2.1mm power cord
  • 1x Storage Box
28.00 (cm)
15.00 (cm)
10.00 (cm)