NeutronRC AT32F435 3-5S AM32_35A V1.2 AIO


NeutronRC AT32F435 3-5S  AM32_35A V1.2 AIO 

Gone are the days of FPV drone flying being a hit-or-miss affair. Experience the exceptional stability of our AT32F435 Mini AIO. Built with precision, this all-in-one drone controller offers an unmatched flight experience that is every pilot’s dream.

Compatible with Betaflight 4.5 or newer! Please note, older versions of firmware at the links below:

Only purchase this product if you are comfortable with flashing firmware and general electronics as this is aimed more at developers, as we can only offer very limited software level support, any technical queries will need to be directed to the manufacturer.

Product Highlights

  1. Advanced MCU: Uses a powerful AT32F435CGU7 MCU, boasting a speed of 288M Hz and a 1MB Flash.
  2. Exceptional Stability: Integrates a BMI270 gyro driver for superior gyro calibration.
  3. Excellent Compatibility: Optimised for Betaflight, specifically the NeutronRCF435Mini.
  4. Innovative ESC: Comes with the 32-bit AM32 ESC to ensure outstanding performance.
  5. High-Current Capability: Can handle currents of 35Ax4, maxing out at 50A (5S).
  6. Connectivity Options: Offers five Uarts (1,2,3,5,7) and one l2C.
  7. High-Quality Components: Uses the FD6288 3in1 driver and an 8-layer 20Z, 2-order blind via PCB.



ATTENTION, Future FPV Masters!

Welcome to the new era of FPV drone flying with NeutronRC’s AT32F435 Mini AIO. With an affordable price tag and innovative features, the AT32F435 Mini AIO makes flying an FPV drone as smooth as a summer breeze. Kiss instability goodbye, thanks to the complete BMI270 driver that calibrates the gyroscope at startup, ensuring your drone flight stability is second to none.

Stuck on the Betaflight CONFIG software?

No worries! You can easily download the USB driver of the Artery and use our bug-modified Demo ESC Configner settings.

Into the Details

The NeutronRC AT32F435 Mini AIO doesn’t just stop at stability. The AT32F435 chip integrates a host of cutting-edge features that make it stand out from the crowd. It supports Betaflight (NEUTRONRCF435MINI), ensuring you can enjoy the best experience from your FPV drone flight.

The Perks Just Keep Coming!

Now, don’t just settle for less. Experience the prowess of the AT32F435 Mini AIO and AM32 ESC with the already flashed 4.3.2 branch firmware and 1.97 firmware respectively. Plus, you don’t even need to flash the FC and ESC firmware. Just set the related options according to your preferences, and you’re good to go!

Hang on, there’s more!

Are you worried about compatibility with different motors? No need! We’ve got you covered. Our NeutronRC AT32F435 Mini AIO supports a variety of motors, thanks to its versatility.

Don’t just fly. Soar high with the NeutronRC AT32F435 Mini AIO. Your FPV drone deserves the best. Go ahead, give it the control it needs!

Remember to download our user manual for more information on how to use this game-changing flight controller.


  1. MCU: Utilises a high-speed AT32F435CGU7, clocked at 288M Hz, with 1MB Flash.
  2. IMU: Equipped with BMI270 (SPI1) with a CW=0, YAW = -45.
  3. OSD: Integrates an AT7456E (SPI2).
  4. Blackbox: Comes with a SPI=2 Flash 16M.
  5. Barometer: Boasts an Infineon DPS310(2C1).
  6. Connectivity: Features 5x Uarts (1,2,3,5,7) and 1x l2C.
  7. BEC: Delivers 5V 2.0A (Max 2.5A).
  8. Current Sensor: (Scale 100) and Voltage sensor (Scale 110).
  9. LEDs: Offers 3x LEDs for FC Status & 3.3V and 5V.
  10. ESCMCU: Comes with an AT32F421 120MHz (AM32 Firmware).
  11. Driver: Utilises FD6288 3in1 driver.
  12. Connectivity: SH1.0-6pin, DJI/Vista straight plug.
  13. MOS: Uses ONSemi Industrial MOS, low internal resistance and high current.
  14. Current Handling: 35A, 45A, and 55A versions of this flight controller available.
  15. ESC Firmware: Comes with AM32(AM32_AT32DEV_F421).
  16. PCB: Built with an 8-layer 20Z, 2-order blind via PCB.
  17. Mounting Pattern: 25.5*25.5mm

Please note that you won’t typically need to flash FC and ESC firmware – simply install and set the related options according to your settings. Also, our default firmware is based on the 4.3.2 branch.

Package Contents

  • 1x NeutronRC AT32F435 Mini AIO Flight Controller
6.00 (cm)
6.00 (cm)
0.50 (cm)