RVS PicklePick - 3" TrueX Toothpick Frame


RVS PicklePick - 3" TrueX Toothpick Frame

From the genius of le.droneclub (Alexandre Arvinte), I present the RVS PicklePick. This open source frame was designed solely by le.droneclub (see thingiverse here) and we're happy to support his work. This version has a few RVS touches to it such as the motor mount arm layout, pressnut center, chamfered edges and holes layout.

Note: This frame is designed to mount the AIO FC using 3 holes!

I recommend the PicklePod2 as a canopy for this frame.

  • RVS Honeymoon Warranty
  • Robust 3mm thick carbon (with the correct CF cutting orientation)
  • Lightweight Design
  • Motor protection
  • Chamfered edged

  • Wheelbase: 116mm
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 8.3g
  • Prop size: 3"
  • FC Mounting: AIO Whoop Board or 16x16mm
  • Motor Mounting: 11xx layout (9x9mm)


  • Electronics: AIO Board
  • Motors: 11xx-13xx
  • Props: 3"
  • PicklePod2 Canopy

More info and a great little community over at the RVS Owners Group Facebook page - facebook.com/groups/rvs.og


  • 1 x RVS PicklePick Base Plate

RVS Honeymoon Warranty
Break any part of the frame (carbon fibre and hardware) within the first month of purchase and it's covered on us! Just send us a picture of the broken part, along with your order number. Replacement parts can be added to future orders for free, or you can pay for shipping ($3 for snailmail).

8.00 (cm)
1.00 (cm)
8.00 (cm)