RVS Picklefork4 - 4" TrueX Toothpick Frame


RVS Picklefork4 - 4" TrueX Toothpick Frame

Based off of le.droneclub's Pickle series frames, I present the RVS Picklefork! This frame is designed to get the MAXIMUM performance under the 250g mark, and it is WELL below that weight, as little as 155g AUW!

I recommend the PicklePod2 as a canopy for this frame. 
*This frame can mount batteries with a strap (Sold separately) OR you can have a press-nut installed to mount 3D prints to (let us know if you'd like the press-nut installed!). Keep in mind this is an early release and 3D print designs are limited. 


  • RVS Honeymoon Warranty
  • Robust 3mm thick carbon (with the correct CF cutting orientation)
  • Lightweight Design
  • Motor protection
  • Chamfered edges


  • Wheelbase: 156mm
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 13.8g
  • Prop size: 4"
  • FC Mounting: AIO Whoop Board, 16x16mm or 20x20mm
    • AIO is preferred to keep weight down and CG centered
  • Motor Mounting: 11xx-14xx layout (9x9mm, 9x12mm & 12x12mm)


  • Electronics: AIO Board
  • Motors: 13xx-15xx (ideally 1404's, but up to 1505)
    • I DO NOT recommend, 1408's, 1507's or other heavier motors. This frame is designed to be ultralight!
  • Props: 4"
  • PicklePod2 Canopy
  • RVS Mini Strap

More info and a great little community over at the RVS Owners Group Facebook page -


  • 1 x RVS PicklePick Base Plate

RVS Honeymoon Warranty

Break any part of the frame (carbon fibre and hardware) within the first month of purchase and it's covered on us! Just send us a picture of the broken part, along with your order number. Replacement parts can be added to future orders for free, or you can pay for shipping ($3 for snailmail).

8.00 (cm)
1.00 (cm)
8.00 (cm)