RVS Duke PRO - 5"/5.5" Ultralight Freestyle Frame

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RVS Duke PRO - 5"/5.5" Ultralight Freestyle Frame

Streamlined from the widely loved original Duke, the Duke PRO brings several awesome features to the game! We kept all the features that made the original awesome, and upgraded the rest!

Rethink how freestyle flow can look! Designed to ditch the excess weight and space, for maximum in-flight performance with super smooth lines and curves for days. It's not only a looker, but is laid out to be a rigid air-frame capable of taking a hit, and looks good in the process. The RVS Duke has a versatile design allowing for your battery to be either top or bottom mounted, or heck, even both at the same time! It takes a range of cameras from the RunCam Micro, Mini, Mini Split to the standard Split, so you're not short on options!

The stance is set slightly larger for an ultra stable true-X platform, and smooth performance. This also allows for 5.5" props to be used, if you desire. 

From the designer

I've been flying the prototype for months now, and long story short... it has checked all my boxes and then some. For minimalist freestyle, it doesn't get any better!

I wanted a bare-bones freestyle frame where I could swap arms, lower the the CG, minimize the body size while maintaining the ability to top mount my lipo all with a low weight package. After many many hours of design and tweaking, this is the conclusion I arrived at! The low weight combined with the larger props makes for super low disk loading on the props and amplifies efficiency! I absolutely love the final result, and I'm sure you will too! :)
- Eric


What's changed with the PRO?

  • 5mm arms - slim, gorgeous and durable!
  • 3 bolt motor mount pattern - lighter, stronger and sexier
  • 20x20 stack mount at the rear
  • Storage bays in the main plate - buzzer, RX, capacitor, etc.
  • Arms are now underneath the main plate for easier and cleaner building
  • Slammable (low profile) - Down to 15mm standoff height is capable
  • Significantly stiffer frame
  • Extra scoop of love added
  • Easy swap arms - Remove 1 bolt, loosen 1 bolt


  • RVS Honeymoon Warranty
  • Chamfered edges for days!
  • Rigid true-X air-frame
  • Light weight
  • Super Low Profile / Low CG
  • Top or bottom battery mounting
  • Dual top mount battery straps (cause I hate loosing lipos!)
  • Micro FPV Camera ready
  • HD Camera ready (RunCam Split or Split Mini)
  • 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Removable easy swap arms - remove 1 bolt, loosen 1 bolt
  • Minimal hardware and parts
  • Bling bling gold-coloured hardware
  • Multiple VTX antenna mounting options
  • Zip-tie points for accessories
  • 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting
  • 20 x 20mm mounting (x2)
  • Wheelbase:
    • 5-5.5": 232mm
    • 6": 254mm
  • Carbon Fiber Thickness:
    • Base: 2.5m
    • Mid-plate: 2mm
    • Top-plate: 2.5mm
    • Arms: 5mm
  • Weight: 88g (15mm config)
    • Shave some weight with the titanium optional upgrade
  • Prop size: 5-5.5"
  • Stack height: 15mm, 20mm & 25mm (choose your version)


  • Motors: 2205-2407
  • ESCs: 30A-45A
  • Camera: RunCam Micro series, Mini series, Split & Split Mini
  • Props: 5-5.5"

*For all replacement parts other than arms, please contact us. They're very rarely needed, so why clutter the store. ;)

More info and a great little community over at the RVS Owners Group Facebook page -


  • 1 x RVS Duke frame kit w/ hardware
  • 2 x Lipo straps


*These are not needed to complete the frame, just optional add-ons!

  • Long Range Antenna Mount - A TPU flex antenna mount that allows you to get the antenna clear of your top mounted lipo for maximum signal strength (you'll need a M3 bolt and nut)
  • Antenna SMA Mount - Slides over the rear standoffs.

RVS Honeymoon Warranty

Break any part of the frame (carbon fibre and hardware) within the first month of purchase and it's covered on us! Just send us a picture of the broken part, along with your order number. Replacement parts can be added to future orders for free, or you can pay for shipping ($3 for snailmail).

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