FPVCycle Light 13mm 7700/11250kv Motor


FPV Cycle Light 13mm 7700/11250kv Motor


The updated motor has a slight adjustment to it's size and kv in order to optimize performance for light crafts.  It also now comes in 2S kv.  This updated motor size is considerably larger but weighs just ~0.2g more.  The overall performance increase comes in the way of throttle feel. The motor feels significantly more punchy on 1s and mimics a 5" more than before.  

IMPORTANT: These motors come with 3mm long mounting screws. If you are mounting to 2mm frame, you will need 4-5mm long screws!

Safe, quiet, easy, fun.

This is the allure of small light weight crafts.  We've worked extremely hard to optimize and refine the performance from the light 3" 1S and 2S platforms however these motors can be used for any multitude of small low weight crafts.

One thing to note is that this motor has a 2mm prop shaft.  We highly recommend the Gemfan 3018 for this motor which also has the 2mm press fit prop shaft.  While the motor still has T-mount screw holes, only using the 2mm press fit has been shown to actually increase thrust and improve prop response.  If you'd like to use props that are 1.5mm press fit, use a prop hole drill kit to drill a straight hole and avoid a wobbly prop that will cause vibrations. 

Recommended uses

  • 11,250kv 1S, 3018 at <62g AUW
  • 7,700kv 2S, 3018 at <74g AUW
  • 11,250kv 2S with a ~1.5-2" prop
  • 7,700kv 3S with a ~1.5" prop
  • Low load 3” prop: Gemfan 3018 highly recommended
  • Recommended all up weight (including 1S battery): 49-56g


  • ~4.4g with ~42mm wires
  • ~42mm wires pre-sized for BabyTooth build
  • Mounting: 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2
  • 27awg silicone motor wire
  • 2mm press fit prop shaft that’s 4mm tall
  • 2mm internal shaft all the way through
  • T-mount prop mounting also
  • 5mm size bearings
  • C-clip bell bottom and no C-clip n top
  • 0.15mm laminations
  • 7075 aluminum
  • Single piece bell design

Package Contents

  • 1 x Motor
  • 2 x 8mm screws for T mount props
  • 4 x 3mm screws for mounting motors to 1.5mm thick carbon frames
4.00 (cm)
2.00 (cm)
4.00 (cm)
Stator Size: